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How It Works

Virility & Testosterone

As an established brand worldwide, VigRX has been known to stand the test of time. Since the development of the first VigRX capsules over 15 years ago, many rivals have come and gone, but VigRX has continued to stand amongst the best with a constant flow of returning customers. These tens of thousands of satisfied repeat customers trust the VigRX brand in helping them with their performance, energy and virility in the bedroom and is what has made it the massive success it is today. VigRX Plus is no exception to the high quality given by the brand and has now become a real champion in the male enhancement industry.

From the original release of the VigRX Plus tablets in 2004, the team behind VigRX knew they wanted to give more. With male needs constantly changing, they wanted to adapt with their customers and after a decade of dedicated research into these needs as well as the best natural ingredients worldwide, the exciting new formulation was created. Using a new unique blend of only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, the new and improved VigRX Plus has been designed as a way to help men regain their power in order to support their virility and performance in the bedroom.

Containing a number of well-known male enhancement ingredients such as Korean Panax Ginseng and Maca, VigRX Plus is a step above the rest with the addition of new and exciting ingredients including the innovative Bioperine™. Made from black pepper extract, Bioperine™ is known to improve the bioavailability or the rate in which the other ingredients are absorbed. This makes it a key addition to the formula as it helps take the natural ingredients one step further so that they can each give their best.

Thanks to its easy to take tablets and natural formula, VigRX Plus is a clear choice when it comes to male virility supplements. With all the uncertainty out there surrounding male enhancement pills on the market, you can ensure you are taking an authentic product with VigRX Plus, due to the unique authenticity identifier found on each and every pack. Thanks to all these factors, from its unique natural formula to its proof of authenticity, VigRX plus goes above and beyond to aid in fulfilling men’s specific needs and in helping them to regain their confidence in the bedroom.